“Compassionate Family Medicine PA with over 7 years of experience.”

Board Certification

  • Physician Assistant


Lindsey, like Dr. Ria, is an empathetic provider who believes in evidence-based medicine with an individualized approach. She enjoys caring for patients throughout different stages of life. Lindsey promotes healthy life choices and patients taking an active role in their own wellness, both physical and mental.

Since completing her PA degree at Mercy in the Bronx in NYC in 2012, Lindsey has practiced medicine in diverse populations of New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC before coming back home to the Northern, Virginia area. Lindsey welcomes the diversity each person who enters her office brings and greatly enjoys learning things from everyone she encounters. Lindsey has had the pleasure of getting significant experience caring for people within the LGBTQ+ community in her prior positions. She hopes to continue to promote excellent health for all her patients, in an inclusive, comfortable, and professional environment.

Lindsey has made time throughout the years to participate in volunteer medical missions in Tanzania, Mali, and Ghana and her interests in community health prompted her to additionally earn a Master’s in Public Health.

When not practicing medicine, Lindsey enjoys traveling, trying new DIY projects, cooking, dancing, skiing, and hiking. She is a Washington Capitals Hockey, Penn State Football, and USA Gymnastics fan.

Lindsey is extremely excited to join the team at Stone Ridge Family Medicine, where it is clear the patients are treated like family!

NOTE: Please make an appointment with Dr. Ria instead of Lindsey for:

–Children less than 5 years old

–Gestational Diabetes (diabetes in the setting of pregnancy)

What is a PA?

A PA (Physician Assistant) is a health care provider who practices medicine as part of a team of providers, with at least one physician.

Just like a doctor, a PA will ask you questions and examine you. If necessary, they may also order and interpret diagnostic tests to help diagnose any health problems you have and create a treatment plan. PAs can prescribe medications and practice in all 50 states and work in every medical specialty. PAs help counsel their patients when necessary and strive to promote preventive health care behaviors. A PA can be your primary care provider.

PAs undergo extensive advanced degree programs and practical training and like physicians, they must become nationally-certified and state-licensed. PAs must also maintain their knowledge over the years through repeat exams and continuing medical education courses.