Annual Physical and Well Child Check Ups

Annual Physical & Well Child Visits in Aldie, VirginiaBelow are some commonly asked questions about annual physicals and well child check ups. Please review the answers below and call our office if you have any questions!

Q & A

What is expected during annual physicals?

You will be asked a questionnaire about your health and family health history followed by thorough inspection and evaluation of the patient’s body, strength and flexibility while visually checking for signs of problems. Some physicals also require routine lab work, such as a TB test for healthcare workers or a drug test for employment of many kinds. Patients will also have their height, weight, and blood pressure checked at the exam. At the end of the physical, we will make any age-appropriate health recommendations or recommend further testing for potential problems found.

How often does a patient need a physical?

Once a year.

Why do employers require physicals?

Employers that have physically demanding work will require physicals to ensure that employees can handle the tasks given. These physicals will test the individual’s flexibility and strength to determine if any risk exists when performing the duties of the job. This gives employers the ability to know of any impairments that would put the job or the individual’s co-workers at risk.